1. Planning Applications

The Community Council is not a planning authority and as such does not make decisions on planning applications; this is the responsibility of Flintshire County Council. However, the Community Council is a statutory consultee and as such receives details of all planning applications relating to the community. The community council comments on the planning applications.

2. Consultation

The Council is regularly consulted by the Welsh Government, national and regional agencies, Flintshire County Council and public utilities on a wide range of matters and comments and observations are invited on any changes which may affect the area.

3. Miscellaneous

The Council acts as a 'pressure group' with other local authorities, health and police authorities and public utilities to ensure that local services are not diminished, bringing deficiencies to their notice and suggesting improvements. The police Community Beat Manager / local PCSO regularly attend Council meetings.

4. Street Lighting

The Community Council owns and maintains ??? street lights throughout its area.

5. Bus Shelters

Repair and maintenance of Community Council bus shelters located on bus routes through the area.

6. Public Benches and Notice Boards

The Council provides and maintains a number of public benches and notice boards through the area

7. Play Areas and Play Schemes

The Council has for some years now contributed in the form of match funding towards Summer playschemes

8. Financial Assistance

The Council makes donations to various organisations. Applications from such groups are considered by the Council at a number of meetings during the financial year.

9. Public Footpaths

Public footpaths are the responsibility of the County Council but the Community Council draws the County's attention to any issues such as obstruction and the need for better signposting and improved stiles etc. The Community Council is also consulted on footpath diversions and applications for footpaths to be included on the definitive map..